Gear up for this hunting season with the Rattlecage™ for deer. Bucks-N-A-Box will call in White Tail and Mule Deer bucks from miles away. The history of rattling for White Tail has proven the theory behind this Rattlecage. Weighing under a pound, Bucks-N-A-Box, is a convenient, light-weight way to rattle for White Tail.

Jeff Rosas with his 2007 White Tail

Jeff Rosas with his 2007 White Tail

For years hunters have recognized the success of rattling for White Tail deer. However, the method of achieving this effect is what has been up for debate. Bucks-N-A-Box has taken the guess-work out of rattling for deer. Hiking up rugged terrain with a pair of White Tail sheds usually is not an option for most hunters. Over twenty years in the making, Bucks-N-A-Box is convenient, lightweight, and truly mimics the sound of White Tail rattling.

Designed with the same concept as the popular Rattlecage™ for elk, Bucks-N-A-Box is made from a durable material to withstand the the elements when hunting for White tail deer. Unlike its counterpart, Bucks-N-A-Box is not made of a wood composite, rather a strong plastic. This material is what makes the difference between rattling for elk and rattling for White tail. If your searching for a remarkable hunting season. Give Bucks-N-A-Box a try today.

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